JUNE BOARD MEETING: Thursday, June 11, 2015
TIME: 6 pm  WHERE: Community Center East Tile Room

JUNE ACC MEETING: Thursday, June 4, 2015
TIME 2 pm   WHERE: Library
The ACC normally meets on the first Thursday of the month to review plans, etc. We encourage people to submit plans at least one week in advance of the meeting. If you have any questions, you may call David Parker  946-9215.

An Open Burning fire Permit is required for all open burning, see the permit application form, which lists requirements and restrictions.

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05-14-2015 ACC Minutes
04-24-2015 Board Minutes (A)
03-27-2015 Board Minutes (A)
02-20-2015 Board Minutes (A)

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FireWise Bulletin:

04-2015 FireWise Bulletin (Printable Report)

FireWise Bulletin
April 2015

The mitigation team contracted to create the covered fuel break in the southwest corner of Loma Linda is back at work on the final piece of property. Please do not go back there until they have finished the project and have removed their equipment. They are working on private property and they don’t want the liability of having us around while they’re working. Loma Linda property owners will be notified when we may go back there to gather the cut wood, which will be stacked along the track. Until then, please stay out!

Time to start mitigating again. There is help available:

  1. If you’d like help deciding which trees to trim and which to remove, how to create “islands” of smaller, flammable trees, what needs to be done on and around your house (home ignition zone) to maximize its fire resistance, or to determine if your house is accessible by emergency vehicles (They’re bigger than they used to be!), call Peggy Beach (contact info below) or John Gilbert, Pagosa Fire Protection District Wildland Coordinator, 731-4149 or johngilbert@pagosafire.com.

  2. Grants for mitigation are explained and the forms for applying are available at the FireWise website: http://www.southwestcoloradofires.org/. They include the 2015 Archuleta County Mitigation Grant and the Chipper Rental Rebate.

  3. If you’re interested in participating in a Chipper Day, contact Peggy Beach. A chipper operator will be available to come to your property to chip your slash pile. The chips can be either piled at a spot you designate or will be scattered as the slash is chipped. If we have enough participants, the hourly rate is generally lower and some operators are willing to charge by the half hour. Remember to keep track of the hours you spend on mitigation or other fire-preparedness activities and submit them to Peggy Beach.

Colorado State Univ. has an excellent site on tips for evacuating horses, donkeys, and house pets. Go to http://www.ext.colostate.edu/fire/ and click on Veterinary Extension Disaster Preparedness. Poke about the site; there’s lots of good information. Or go to http://www.petaidcolorado.org/?page=AnimalPreparedness for more information.

If you have difficulty accessing any of the above web sites or have any questions, contact:

Peggy Beach, FireWise Ambassador
937 San Juan Dr.
264-0463, peggybeach9@aol.com

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