TIME: 6 pm  WHERE: Ross Aragon Community Center East Tile Room

APRIL ACC MEETING: Thursday, APRIL 2, 2015
TIME: 2pm     WHERE: 401 Eight Mile Loop

The ACC normally meets on the first Thursday of the month to review plans, etc. We encourage people to submit plans at least one week in advance of the meeting. If you have any questions, you may call David Parker  946-9215.

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02-20-2015 Board Minutes (A)
01-16-2015 Board Minutes (A)
12-07-2014 Board Minutes (A)

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FireWise Bulletin:

03-2015 Firewise Bulletin (Printable Report)

FireWise Bulletin
March 2015

“Community Wildfire Protection Plan” update: Our CWPP has been sent to
three reviewers for final dissection. Hopefully I’ll get their recommendations
next week and can turn in the corrected version by early April. It’s been a
long road, but we’re almost there. Thank you to all those who have helped in
its construction.

Hours of mitigation work: As you work on mitigation around your house and
on the rest of your property, please log the hours you and any others who
helped you, and submit them to me. If you take before and after pictures that
would be appreciated. I’ll forward them on to our head office in Durango
where they’ll help FireWise qualify for Federal and State grants. A form that
you may use to record your hours and expenses is attached below.

Home Ignition Zone Assessments: Property owners are scheduling HIZ and
mitigation assessments as the snow recedes and the accumulation of pine
needles and broken branches appears. There’s a lot of work that needs to be
done before the leaves pop out and ground cover plants hide the fire fuel.
Contact Peggy if you’re interested in having an assessment. It takes less than
an hour and can give you valuable information that might save your house.

Chipping Day: If you’re planning to do some major mitigation and anticipate
having a sizable pile of slash (cut branches and small trees) and no way of
hauling it to the chipper at the Slash Depot at the Transfer Station on Trujillo
Road, we can schedule a chipping day for a reduced rate. The chipper comes
to your property and either piles the chips or distributes them where you
want. Contact Peggy Beach if you’re interested in participating. The Slash
Depot will be open for business as soon as the ground is dry enough to drive
heavy vehicles on it. The depot is free, financed in part by FireWise.

Peggy Beach, FireWise Ambassador
937 San Juan Dr.
264-0463, peggybeach9@aol.com

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