See this Information Letter with details; and the September 30th Evacuation Update
Participation in the actual evacuation will be voluntary. However, to provide as  realistic an event as possible, it is strongly recommended that all residents and guests take part in this exercise. Please contact Peggy Beach (264-0463, peggybeach9@aol.com, 937 San Juan Dr.) as soon as possible if you wish to participate.
Also please be sure to  Signup for the Archuletta County Reverse 911, if you have not already.

OCTOBER BOARD MEETING: Monday, October 19, 2015
TIME: 6 pm  WHERE: Community Center, East Tile Room

OCTOBER ACC MEETING: Thursday, October 1, 2015
TIME 2 pm   WHERE: Library
AGENDA: 10-01-2015 ACC Agenda
The ACC normally meets on the first Thursday of the month to review plans, etc. We encourage people to submit plans at least one week in advance of the meeting. If you have any questions, you may call David Parker  946-9215.

Bears are in their fattening up mode and are cruising everywhere in our area. Some things you should know: Bearproofing Your Home and Birds Not Bears (from Colorado Parks & Wildlife)

An Open Burning fire Permit is required for all open burning, see the permit application form, which lists requirements and restrictions.

CURRENT Minutes, Reports and Bulletins: Please see the Agendas, Meetings and Minutes Tab to view links to archived documents.
09-18-2015 Draft Board Minutes
08-14-2015 Approved Board Minutes
09-03-2015 ACC Minutes
08-06-2015 ACC Minutes
06-11-2015 Board Minutes (A)

NOTE: To view archived minutes, reports and agendas, click on the  “Agendas, Meetings and Minutes” tab below the picture at the top of this page. Or click here: Agendas, Meetings and Minutes



FireWise Bulletin:

09-2015-firewise-bulletin (Printable Report)

FireWise Bulletin
September 2015

The Loma Linda evacuation drill is a “go” for Saturday, 3 October. For those of you who will be participating, please be sure you’re registered for Reverse 911 alert calls. If you did not receive the “Practice Evacuation of Loma Linda” letter, emailed to all property owners on Sunday, 13 September, please check with Mike Leitch, president of the HOA Board, to be sure they have your correct email address. If you are going to participate in the exercise, be sure to notify Peggy Beach by either phone, email, or in person, as soon as possible. (Contact info below) She will be periodically sending out updates on the event. In the event of a real emergency situation in Archuleta County on the day of our drill, if the emergency personnel are needed at that situation, we will notify all participants of the cancellation of our drill.

Be sure your dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, etc. have some form of identification…microchip, tattoo, brand, documented scars or other identifying marks. In case of an emergency, animals and owners are sometimes separated, and without such identification, returning the animal to its rightful owner could become an issue.

There were only two families needing to have piles of slash chipped, so a Chipping Day was not scheduled. However, if others would like to have their slash piles chipped, please contact Peggy Beach and we’ll try again.

The mitigation grant is still available. Several Loma Linda property owners have already been awarded the grant. If you are considering doing any mitigation, check it out. It’s a 50/50 grant, but you must submit two estimates with your application before starting any work. Your own hours of labor count!

Peggy Beach, FireWise Ambassador
937 San Juan Dr.
264-0463, peggybeach9@aol.com

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