TIME: 7:00 pm  WHERE: Ross Aragon Community Center, South Conference Room
AGENDA: 2-15-2016 Board Agenda

TIME 2:00 pm   WHERE: Ruby M. Sisson Library, 811 San Juan St
The ACC normally meets on the first Thursday of the month to review plans, etc. We encourage people to submit plans at least one week in advance of the meeting. If you have any questions, you may call David Parker  946-9215.

Signup for the Archuletta County Reverse 911, if you have not already.

An Open Burning fire Permit is required for all open burning, see the permit application form, which lists requirements and restrictions.

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2-4-2016 ACC Minutes
1-11-2016 special board meeting draft minutes
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FireWise Bulletin:

01-29-16 FireWise Bulletin (Printable Report)

FireWise Bulletin
January 29, 2016

  • FireWise of Southwest Colorado has been working with the Joint Fire Science Project to determine what level of awareness individual homeowners have about their wildfire risk and compare it to professional observations in the area. Most of you should have received your survey by mail. If you haven’t already done so, please fill it out and return it. Surveys like this have gone out to select communities in western Colorado and are a great help in developing programs that we can all benefit from.

Please take the time to respond.

  • FireWise will have funds to help reimburse homeowners who perform mitigation work on their property. Applications will be available in April. If you want to get on the notification list, contact Bill Trimarco at archuletafirewise@gmail.com.

Below is part of a report from a meeting held by the Emergency Operations Coordinator, Thad McKain.

From: Jim Huffman

Sent: Friday, December 04, 2015 2:40 PM

To: Jim Huffman

Subject: Winter Emergency Operations & El Nino Presentation


Attached is the briefing that was prepared by the County EOC and that has been presented by the EOC Chief, Thad McKain several times.  You need to take a look and make your own plans for what could/might happen this winter as a result of the projected weather patterns.  POC phone # at the EOC is 731-4799, dispatch is 731-2160.  Thad McKain’s e-mail is:  tmckain@archuletacounty.org .

 Some of the points brought out during the briefing I attended include:

 1.    Oxygen users – standard home O2 systems do not work without power.  In the event of extended power outage emergency crews may not be able to get to you to provide assistance if they don’t know you might need it.  You should contact them in advance (like now) and let them know where you are and the kind of assistance you might need for medical emergencies.  There may be a HIPPA form to fill out in order for them to maintain your info.

2.    Listen to KWUF in the event of a power failure – means preparation by having a battery powered radio.

3.    Keep a fuel supply for snow blower/snow mobile and insure that your vehicles are filled up prior to any predicted storm – local gas stations do not have generator back-up for pumping gas in the event of a power outage.

4.    If you can, maintain an emergency supply of food, water & lights (battery or solar).  Keep a change of warm clothes in the car.

5.    Red Cross has a preparation list on their web site.

6.    Consider volunteering to assist the Sheriff’s Office in the event of an emergency.  Any extended emergency will likely overload first responders within the first 24 hours and any LE experienced personnel who can assist will extend the operational capacity of the office during an extended emergency.  I am trying to get a link to the volunteer form, but do not have it yet.


Please consider volunteering to assist. We may never be called on to help, but if the need arises, all help will be invaluable.

Peggy Beach, FireWise Ambassador
937 San Juan Dr.
264-0463, peggybeach9@aol.com

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