This website no longer is associated with the Loma Linda Homeowners Association. Please be aware that this website is no longer being updated. It will no longer have any updates from the board of directors, Firewise or the ACC or anyone else with community announcements. As per the last minutes sent out by the Board of Directors, they have hired a new web designer.

It no longer reflects any “official” statements of the board of directors. I no longer give limited use to this organization.

I created this website around 5 years ago. The intention was that it was a bulletin board for Loma Linda residents to have a singular place to find up-to-date information pertaining to Loma Linda. It has certainly grown. I did it for free.

This current board is not happy with the fact that I own the website and have copyright. They claimed that this website and a few documents were copyrighted by me at the beginning of this term. The truth is the site was copyrighted by me from the moment it was created as per copyright law of the United States. I added a copyright symbol to the site and certain ACC forms at the first of the year. That changed nothing. A copyright symbol is not required in order for it to be copyrighted. I gave limited use to this organization to post information for residents. I have never entered into an agreement to sell this site to them, nor will I at any point.

I have worked with 5 boards over the years, putting up/editing/taking down everything that the board, ACC, and FireWise and others have requested. Very few issues have cropped up over the years between me and previous boards.

I did this for free as a service to this neighborhood. It has a very good security system (never been hacked) and complete analysis of traffic over the years. And at the end of each year, I burned CDs for all records posted on the website. These CD’s were handed over to the current boards for their record keeping (a function of the board). That is pretty good for the price (free). I did this to keep people of the neighborhood informed.

If this board wants to move to a new web designer, that is their business. However, I will not allow them to spread lies about me.

First they tried to say that I copyrighted the site at the beginning of their term. They now have published notes from the last meeting and sent them to everybody stating that I copyrighted some of their documents. This is a lie. I created forms for the ACC to use over a period of a year of research. As with the website, they were copyrighted from the moment they were created by the creator (me) per US copyright law. I gave limited use to the ACC for their general paperwork and to give the people of this neighborhood an easy way to apply for permits. At one of the early board meetings, the current president declared these documents “illegal” and had me take them down.

Now this board is claiming that I copyrighted “their” documents. In other words, they are accusing me of theft. They have put this in the minutes and sent them out to everyone in the neighborhood. I will not stand for this board besmirching my reputation.

I challenge them to prove that I EVER sold the rights to these documents to them. I demand a retraction of the last minutes. I have explained the copyright process to them several times. That means that the last minutes that they all signed onto were purposely incorrect.

Thank you allowing me to provide this free service to you over the last 5 years. I wish the residents of this neighborhood well.

Sincerely, Delores Highsmith


FireWise Bulletin:

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